Success Stories from Early Impressions

"We are very pleased with the educational foundation that Early Impressions provided to our children. The advanced learning gave them a thrirst for knowledge and allowed them to continue their education working a grade level ahead. I will never forget my oldest child's public school teacher asking where she attended preschool. The teacher was very impressed with her skills in writing, reading comprehension, and her ability to solve math problems in kindergarten. We attribute their success to the great start they received at Early Impressions. Your standard of excellence is greatly appreciated."

    - The Scales Family

"I cannot thank you enough in this lifetime for the excellent and amazing education you gave my child."

    - Taylor Lilley Harris & Family

"We are staying at Early Impressions through Kindergarten because you can't beat a sure thing!"

    - Mrs. Jegede

"Thank you is not enough. I truly appreciate your dedication and your passion for teaching!"

    - Mark, Nina, and Gabrielle

"We are very happy with our child's teachers. They have demonstrated that they are concerned and caring. It is because of teachers like these that I send my son to your school."

    - Ms. Williams

"Thank you all so very much for the nurturing and enriching education that our daughter received over the past five years. Our entire family appreciates the time and effort spent teaching our child the basic fundamentals necessary to build a strong educational foundation."

    - Mr. and Mrs. Hilson

"We thank you for all the hard work throughout the year! Caring for children takes special people and we appreciate all that you've done for us."

    - The Prentice Family

"It isn't often that one family can say that they have sent five children to the same school! Our trust and faith in your school grew with each child we sent you."

    - The Unger Family

Student at Early Impressions