Early Impressions places a high priority on providing your child with a unique and quality educational experience. We are excited to challenge your child with a creative, innovative and successful curriculum offered at affordable fees. Early Impressions provides opportunities for every child to develop a strong self-image that will enable each child to take the next important step in his/her educational life with character, knowledge and a strong desire to learn.

Early Impressions offers challenging educational opportunities for children ages 2 years through 2nd grade and every development level. Some of the experiences that your child will have at Early Impressions are:

  • Individualized Reading, Phonics, and Math
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Art Appreciation
  • Afternoon Enrichment Programs
  • Michigan Certified Staff
  • Montessori Certified Staff
  • Uniform Dress Code
  • Hot lunch and 2 snacks
  • Extended day at no additional charge - 8AM to 5:30PM
  • Fantastic Summer Programs:
    • Tennis, soccer, heated in-ground pool, nature trail, special visitors and events, and much more on 6 acres of land
  • No other preschool facility like it


Breakin' Away

A special stepping-stone for 2 year olds learning to be away from Mom and Dad. Breakin’ Away focuses on learning socialization, readiness skills, Spanish and fun times. Developmental activities focus on learning colors, numbers, shapes, letters, developing language skills, arts and crafts, learning to follow directions and developing motor skills and imagination.

I'm Me - I'm Three

As your child searches for a positive self-image and develops an awareness of the world around him, Early Impressions is ready to expand your child’s knowledge. Our program offerings include phonics, reading and math readiness, science, geography, Spanish, computers, and arts and crafts, as well as focusing on developing strong character traits and physical and social growth.


This creative and progressive program is geared to the older preschooler and centers around special experiences including science, geography, Spanish, travel club, creative dramatics, art appreciation, math and reading readiness, phonics, and much more.

Junior Kindergarten

The Junior Kindergarten curriculum is designed for future success in our challenging senior kindergarten program and includes a highly individualized reading, phonics and math program. Academics are supplemented with enrichment activities in science, geography, Spanish, travel club, creative dramatics, art appreciation, and much more.

Early Impressions' curriculum is designed to allow each child to reach her highest potential. We strive to develop success in all areas ... intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. We offer quality education for your child through a virtually warm student and parent supported environment.

We supplement our traditional educational curriculum with individualized learning programs and hands-on take home bags, while developing your child's character, concentration, socialization and work habits. Early Impressions' Kindergarten program prepares your child for success in First Grade and beyond.

Our Elementary Program is a continuation of the progressive academic foundation that began in our Pre-School program and continued throughout Kindergarten. Our individualized learning programs will provide your First or Second Grader with the skills they need to function at high levels in reading, mathematics, comprehension and critical thinking. We also continue our programs in Spanish, Art, Social Studies and Science to provide your child with a wonderful, exciting way to reach his/her potential growth in all areas.