Kindergarten Program

Early Impressions' curriculum is designed to allow each child to reach her highest potential. We strive to develop success in all areas ... intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We offer quality education for your child through a virtually warm student and parent supported environment.

We supplement our traditional educational curriculum with individualized learning programs and hands-on take home materials, while developing your child's character, concentration, socialization and work habits. Early Impressions' Kindergarten program prepares your child for success in First Grade and beyond.

Early Impressions curriculum starts with readiness levels in reading and mathematics and proceeds to the next level when the child is ready. We evaluate each child and place him appropriately at his own level. Individual instruction and activities provide each child with a sense of accomplishment to experience continuous growth.

Social studies, geography and science take the form of critical thinking, discussion, observation, listening, and experimenting. We often integrate art into our science, geography and social studies units for a complete learning experience. We encourage each child to contribute to class discussions and share their own creative learning process.

Early Impressions develops and reinforces strong oral and written language skills. Our instructors continuously expose children to an expanded vocabulary and the grammatical pattern of our language. Spelling and sentence structure develop along with increased reading ability.

Early Impressions' core curriculum also includes character development, art appreciation, basic computer skills, language arts, and cultural literacy.

Early Impressions is non-denominational and non-discriminatory. Early Impressions admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, grants them equal rights and privileges, and offers them the opportunity to participate in all available programs and activities. Children enjoy traditional celebrations of religious, ethnic and national holidays.