Early Impressions offers a strong physical education program to all students. Physical education is important to our goal educating successful children. Our physical education curriculum provides students opportunities to participate developmentally appropriate activities to develop large and small motor skills, strength, endurance, creativity, and strong character.

Physical education helps students develop motor skills that promote positive body image and confidence. Students are provided opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills such as:

  • Locomotor - walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping
  • Nonlocomotor - bending and stretching, pushing and pulling, twisting and turning
  • Manipulative - working with bean bags, large balls, and ropes
  • Posture and Body Mechanics - standing, sitting, falling safely

Students also develop perceptual awareness skills such as:

  • Body Awareness - an awareness of name, location, and relationship of body parts
  • Spatial and Directional Awareness - awareness of how much space the body occupies and where to move
  • Manipulative - working with bean bags, large balls, and ropes
  • Coordination - eye-hand, eye-foot, rhythm
  • Balance

Rhythmic activities develop coordination, self-expressions, creativity and endurance. Students participate in activities such as creative rhythms and singing games to develop these key rhythmic skills.

Early Impressions’ physical education curriculum provides opportunities for children to participate in games and sports. Young children participate in skills common to games and sports, such as starting stopping, dodging, throwing, kicking and catching. As children progress, they participate in age-appropriate games, both creative and cooperative. Good sportsmanship, learning to follow rules, and taking turns, are strong character traits that are integral to our successful physical education program.

Physical education is included in our curriculum and is offered at no extra charge.