Early Impressions has established policies to ensure your child has a unique, quality, and safe educational experience. Policies include dress code, nutrition, birthdays, items from home, inclement weather, health, medication & illness, payment, and release.

Dress Code

Early Impressions’ dress code enhances each child’s learning experience. A dress code promotes a sense of community, helps children feel good about themselves, and allows children to focus on learning while at Early Impressions. We have found that children take greater pride in their appearance and in their accomplishments when dressed in a clean, neat and tidy uniform. Children who wear uniforms behave better and are able to focus their attention on improving social skills and achieving academic success. Our dress code promotes an atmosphere of equality, respect and learning and is one component of our successful program.


Students will be provided with two nutritional snacks at approximately 9:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Beverages will be provided with snacks and lunch as well as throughout the day. The half-day program includes a morning snack. We are a peanut-free school.

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather or a building problem, notifications will be sent to local television and radio stations for announcement. Watch or listen to your favorite station which makes these types of announcements for updates. We will also post a notice on our Facebook page.

Health, Medication, & Illness

The State of Michigan requires a health history and examination for all students. A Health History & Immunization Form must be completed and signed by both you and your child's physician and dated within the previous twelve months. A licensed physician must certify any restrictions for students. Also indicate on the form if your child has allergies and/or dietary restrictions. If your child develops a new allergy, please notify us immediately. NOTE: The Health History & Immunization Form must be completed by your child's first day of attendance.

DO NOT send MEDICATION to school in your child's backpack. It must be personally delivered to a teacher or director along with a signed Medication Permission Form. ONLY those medications that are prescribed by a physician and labeled with your child's name by a licensed pharmacist will be administered.

If your child becomes ill while at Early Impressions, we will make him/her as comfortable as possible until a parent or emergency care person arrives. To help us maintain a "healthy" atmosphere here at school, we cannot allow children in our building with contagious symptoms such as:

    -Vomiting and/or Diarrhea
    -Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye-red or running eyes)
    -Contagious Skin Rashes
    -Coughs, if persistent or productive (We realize that coughs due to colds sometimes linger for weeks. We distinguish this by the cough at the beginning of a virus and the cough at the end. The cough at the beginning of an illness is contagious).
    -Any skin eruption, particularly if red, swollen and/or draining
    -Pain and/or stiffness in the neck and headache
    -Sore throat
    -Swelling and tenderness of glands, especially neck glands
    -Any childhood contagious disease such as scarlet fever, etc., for which there are no immunizations.



All programs require a registration and materials fee along with a completed application form.

Early Impressions offers bi-weekly and monthly tuition payment options. Please inquire at the office for further information.

Tuition Policy

The complete tuition policy can be found here.

Release Policy

The following Release Policy was established for the protection of your child.

    1. A child can be released only to the parent, guardian or person(s) indicated on the Child Information Card.
    2. A child may not be released to any individual under the age of 18.
    3. In the case of a divorce or separation, the child is released only to the custodial parent, unless the custodial parent indicates otherwise in writing. A copy of the legal custody documents indicating the custodial parent should be submitted to us.
    4. If special arrangements for a day need to be made, only written notification will be accepted.
    5. Early Impressions requires a driver's license/photo ID of any individual to whom Early Impressions releases a child.